Success Stories

Circuit Training with a Twist classes

I joined Becky’s class when I retired and found it great fun and very beneficial. I was a little apprehensive initially but need not have worried at all as the different exercises were all variable according to skill and/or fitness. Becky is on hand to help and guide, giving special attention to any “newbies”.

Over the next few months I found that I could manage more and more of the different exercises and was gaining in fitness all the time.

Becky is a great teacher and enthusiast for her topic; and I can recommend her classes to anyone (of any age or fitness) who wants to get fitter and to have fun at the same time.

Nick Taylor

My previous ventures into exercise are wide, varied, unsuccessful, uninspiring, sometimes humiliating and for all of those reasons very short lived.

However I have to say Becky that you have been an inspiration to me – I have really enjoyed the Circuit Training with a Twist evenings. Your sunny disposition, gentle coaxing and positive approach answer the question “What has kept you coming back for more?” – it’s simple really, you do.

Beryl Brereton

Becky is brilliant at getting us to entertain her with our attempts at exercises which are much harder than they look! But seriously, they always involve well thought out combinations of balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Her approach allows you to work at your own level and she keeps a close eye on everybody for an intense and highly enjoyable session. I have already (in four sessions) noticed an improvement in core strength and much reduced lower back pain when running.

Richard B

I would recommend Becky’s classes to anyone without hesitation. I had never imagined that exercise could be fun – but I was wrong. The classes are dramatically improving my stamina, helping me to build some strength and generally feel more able and more active. I’ve learnt that I’m not quite as incapable at exercise as I had always thought and that school PE lessons don’t have to haunt you for the rest of your life! My balance, coordination and circulation are improving, as is my strength and endurance. It would not be an overstatement to say that these classes have significantly bettered my life.

Amy Taylor

I’ve done circuit training before and really didn’t like it. The exercises were too hard, they seemed to last forever (about 2 min in reality) and it was very boring. You knew what was coming next from previous sessions. There was also a lot of running backwards and forwards which I didn’t enjoy. However, I’m glad to say that Becky’s classes are not like the above at all. Each week has a different set of exercises: some from last week, some from previous weeks and some completely new. They challenge your body in very different ways.

Warm up and cool down is very different to what I’ve done in other classes too. Like the exercises, they take brain power as well as muscle power. We also do fun things like throw cushions at each other and we spend a lot of time laughing.

Kath Brown

Becky’s ‘Circuits’ classes are often challenging, even punishing, but always varied and enjoyable and one leaves them feeling that it was an hour well spent.

No two classes are ever the alike, with new exercises frequently introduced and old ones resurrected. They are designed to gently remind every part of the body that it has a purpose and will not be allowed to degenerate. Becky ensures everyone feels included and welcome.

Robert Jeffery

I know I move better and feel better after our Circuits classes. They are fun, never the same and I definitely feel sluggish if I haven’t been for a week or two. Also it keeps my weight at bay.

Sara Morgan

The Circuit Training with a Twist classes are engaging and different from what you normally think of as circuit training. I come away thinking ‘Why couldn’t school exercise have been such fun?.

Kay Marples

I look forward to Tuesday evenings and paying in advance really helps as it makes you go even when it’s a cold and wet and dark winter’s evening. You come out feeling really righteous. The best thing about circuits (other than the fun) is that my bingo wings have gone – yay!

Jill B

I feel my mental and physical well-being have improved greatly since starting the class.

Jenny Norman-Smith

Your Circuits classes are wonderfully adaptable. Unlike any other circuit class I’ve been to, individuals of very different fitness can work effectively at a level each feels comfortable with. The flexibility and stretching aspects of the exercises are also unusual in the field, and improved my core strength and stamina very effectively.

Hereward Tresidder

I have been attending Becky’s weekly Circuits sessions for over two years now and have improved in many ways; fitness, balance, core strength and my general wellbeing as well as the sessions helping me with my weight loss (combined with sensible diet).

I have been a member of 3 gyms and have attended various keep fit sessions in the past but have not come across anything that has had such an impact on me, my body and my fitness levels with enjoyment and a social friendly atmosphere.

Jill Hanson

A lot of fun and laughter, friendship and a sense of belonging, individual attention if I need it from Becky plus what I aimed to achieve – to get fit and stay slim.

Kisane Prutton