What I Do

I feel that once we let go of trying to ‘control’ our bodies, fluidity and ease of movement can start to return, and with them enjoyment in movement.

I have been helping people to turn their bodies from being “can’t do” bodies into “can do” bodies since 2002.

I do this by helping people to make friends with their body again after injury, pain or illness through:

  • Re-establishing trust and dialog with the body
  • Teaching understanding and respect for the body
  • Introducing the concept of daily movement variety rather than exercise
  • Inviting people to rediscover the enjoyment of moving their body
  • Challenging the brain and the body to work together

My aims are to help people to:

  • Feel better about their bodies.
  • Learn to respect the fact that these bodies are always doing their best, despite the awful ways we treat them most of the time.
  • Better understand how their body really functions and dismiss many of the myths that we have been led to believe for decades.
  • Realise that exercise can be a fun and enjoyable part of everyday life, rather than being painful, repetitive, boring or requiring special equipment or a special location.

My passion and enthusiasm for my work is infectious and I have an ability to explain the complicated mechanics of the body in terms that people can understand. Everything I do involves attention to detail and is mixed with laughter, warmth and genuine enjoyment.

We moved to South Wales last October. Remarkably, what I miss most about living where I used to is Becky! We attended Becky’s inspirational classes for less than a year but they changed our lives.
Paul & Janet Fisk

I think you have a real gift for connection and are able to not only connect with your clients but also help them reconnect with themselves.
Johanna Hague

Becky is always enthusiastic, encouraging and very perceptive. Her attention to detail and observational skills ensure we get the most benefit from the exercises we undertake. Becky is totally dependable. Above all she makes our classes fun and we all regard her as a friend.
Susan Every

You are so positive and you never make me feel a failure (I’ve always felt stupid doing any kind of exercise other than going for a walk). Your imaginative approach really works for me – it keeps me interested and it also frees my mind.

What you offer is unique. You accept all our different bodies and minds and it encourages me to be more accepting of both myself and others.
Sarah Denny

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Or email me on: movewiththought@gmail.com or call 07970 022101