Success Stories

Pilates with a Twist Classes

Compared to the cost of regular physio and presumably osteopaths etc I think you offer incredible value, especially since you give added value with the homework. It’s great to have a “can do” body now rather than a “can’t do” one.

Johanna Haque

I was looking for a regular Pilates class that stretches me and keeps my body in line and in check.
At the taster class I was made to feel really comfortable and relaxed.

I love that I get a good stretch and full body check in and alignment. Also that it’s nice and friendly and a welcoming atmosphere.

I feel relaxed and rested after the classes and enjoy the fact that I don’t have any injuries from my riding and feel like I am able to perform to my best ability.

Emily Perry

I feel noticeably better after a class and feel that I walk out of the class taller (not as hunched up) than on the way in. It especially helps after being sat down all day and when my back is aching. I’ve learnt that a little movement goes a long way and there are muscles I never knew I had. Also that exercise (movement) can be done anywhere and you don’t have to go to a gym to improve yourself. It makes me want to move more (go walking etc) and will help me keep up with my 6 year old. I’m also starting to understand how to move bits of me that were previously just coming along for the ride.

Simon Aldridge

Your sessions are the only formal classes I have ever managed to stick with. I started the classes with a bad back but since I’ve been with you I haven’t had any significant problems. The main thing that enables me to keep returning though is you! I love your non judgmental approach. You are so positive and you never make me feel a failure (I’ve always felt stupid doing any kind of exercise other than going for a walk). Your imaginative approach really works for me too. What you offer is unique. You accept all our different bodies and minds and it encourages me to be more accepting of both myself and others. And it’s fun!!

Sarah Denny

Walking up hill and down dale with my family over the Christmas holiday I realised how much benefit I have gained from Becky’s Pilates with a Twist classes. I was really enjoying striding out over rocky paths and leaping over bogs because I have become more supple and stronger. These exercises stimulate muscles that I haven’t used much in my daily life although I have always been an active person and previously attended other Pilates classes.
I find the entertaining scenarios that Becky describes easy to remember and practice at home because they stimulate my muscles and my imagination simultaneously. Unusually, in my experience, for an exercise class there is quite often fun and laughter as we practice together balancing (or rather, wobbling) and gently stretching in ways that everybody can do without straining themselves.
Then surprise surprise what I thought at first was rather trivial turns out to have a powerful invigorating effect! Thank you Becky

Barbara Grundey

Things like changing a DVD, sorting coal for the fire, even standing in line at the supermarket, or more recently at the back of a club watching a gig, are now opportunities to practice a beneficial move or two. My wife and others have commented in the change in my posture but most importantly I’ve noticed the change. I walk taller, straighter and more open mostly because I now know how to, and the more I do it the better things become.

Mike Armitage

I like that the classes are in smaller groups which means you are able to watch and help us get the maximum benefits from the exercises. I love the fun side of the class, I leave not only feeling I have exercised my body but also my happy muscles. I have more body awareness, especially shoulder and neck. I’m so glad I found your class as I look forward to coming every week.

Shirley Mitchinson

I have now done 4 Pilates with a Twist classes with Becky and I believe they have already made a real difference to not only my physical conditioning but also my mental well-being.
As an older male who has participated in a variety of sports over many years, the joints are creaking (in one case replaced) and muscles tight – the class has given me new ways to work these areas to the benefit of my mobility and has certainly helped my golf.
Becky is very clear in her coaching and gives individual support as the class progresses. She stresses that we perform at our own level and not worry what others are doing.
She makes the sessions very entertaining and enjoyable and you get a very good workout.

John Warrington

I had spoken to you on the phone prior to the taster session and thought your approach sounded really interesting. I was in for a really positive experience and enjoyed your jolly and caring approach.
I enjoy everything about Pilates with a Twist. The well-prepared and professional development throughout the class and the term as well as the happy atmosphere you have created is always evident amongst the people who attend.

A big plus is that my body awareness is at the forefront of my mind more than ever before. No two lessons are the same so my thinking is far more tuned into my body and what it is being asked to do.
This is the best I have ever felt about the exercise classes I have attended.

Sue Bishop

I like that we practise different moves, but that all the exercises help us to feel and be aware of our whole selves. I like being part of the class. I enjoy the good humour and gentle persuasion! There are not many group activities that I engage with, so I enjoy the feeling of being part of “Becky’s community”.

I am moving with more confidence, feeling stronger and more optimistic for the future 🙂

I love how you consider brain and body together.

Jane Stretton

Without the class I wouldn’t be as aware of how my body ‘feels’ and what it needs. I wouldn’t take the time to check in about that. Even though the class is only once a week I do find myself more aware generally and noticing about my body. It has also given me moves to use as and when I need to e.g. if I’ve been sitting for too long or feel ‘squashed’ in a morning when I get out of bed because I’ve been curled up for ages!

Samantha Armitage

A combination of your lovely personality and fun teaching/guidance is enabling me to get more out of my body – making me aware of how flexible it can and should be has improved my feeling of well being and confidence…. helping to make a fairly stiff body into a more active one!

Robin Hamilton

I was looking for improved fitness, strength and flexibility and to some extent a desire to improve posture.

I really like the fun, the social contact (which I had not really looked for) also a great de-stresser after work. I enjoy the way my body feels more supple, stronger and fitter.

The classes are so much fun that the exercise seems to happen almost by accident!

Hilary Dowson

In attending the classes I wanted more flexibility and to improve muscle strength and stamina and this has all happened.

At my taster I felt nervous but welcomed and very impressed immediately with the quality of your lessons the thoroughness and quality of your planning! But most of all being greeted and introduced by name which you do so brilliantly – no idea how you manage to remember everybody!

Vanessa Warrington

From a personal perspective and one who is usually as stiff as stiff as a board I find I am more flexible in the lower back and hips. My balance is improving and some of the stretching exercises I am including in my usual exercise routines.

I enjoy the company, the banter, and the non-competitive nature of the environment.

All the routines are done within the limits of each individual’s abilities and all with humour.

Roger Butt

I joined with the aim of keeping fit as I get older and restoring flexibility to my right knee after a fall.
At the taster I was surprised how simple the moves were but so challenging to different parts of the body.
I like that we laugh about aches and pains, have encouragement from others. Plus it’s easier to exercise in a group than alone, I’m finding out what my body can/can’t do and discovering exercises that fit everyday activities (putting socks on, lifting shopping, etc)
My right knee and leg are gaining strength and flexibility and I’m gaining confidence in things I didn’t know I could do. I’ve really appreciated the monthly suggested exercises and have worked out simple routines for myself based on them.

The classes have helped me to get a better sense of what different parts of the body can and cannot do. This is teaching me to trust my body. I have a tendency sometimes to rush at movements because I get anxious, so I’m learning to calm down and do things slowly and deliberately, trusting legs/arms/hands etc to do what they’re supposed to do. Underneath this all is a greater sense of balance which gives me self-confidence. So, yes, generally feeling less vulnerable!

Susan Parsons

I attended the classes to address increasing stiffness in limbs and muscles and to build strength. A routine event to bring some discipline to exercising.

The taster class was welcoming and I felt supported and encouraged.

I like being pushed within individual limits and feeling stretched by the end, all within a supportive environment.

It’s early days yet (3 sessions), but I feel more conscious of the ‘right’ movement and already a bit more flexibility.

Andrew Flack

Initially I was sceptical and worried about the ‘twist” element of the classes as I has formed a belief that it was bad for my back to try and twist.

I now enjoy finding out what my body can and can’t do and seeing the progress I have made. I like all the groups of people I have encountered and really enjoy the personal approach and small numbers.

It’s great fun!

Since starting I have managed to let go of the idea that there is a right or wrong way to do the moves, which has helped in other areas of life too! I can do so much more now and am not afraid to try. I have begun to understand the difference between ‘asking for a bit more’ from my body and doing too much. I can definitely move specific parts of my back that a year ago would have been a mystery. I use the moves during the day to counteract bad posture or prolonged sitting. Much more aware overall of my body and definitely feel connected to it which is great.

Johanna Haque

At the taster class I felt nervous as I was totally unfit, but I was made welcome. Afterwards, I felt refreshed and in touch with my body after many years and relieved that I hadn’t made a complete fool of myself!

I really enjoy the variety of moves, pushing myself, the company, and having a laugh.
As a result of the classes I now have a lot less pain, feel more supple, and a little more body aware and confident maybe.

Joyce Rowen

My body is saying ‘thank you’ this morning, nothing grumpy!
I watched the little animation about movement rather than exercising, very helpful!
I’ll start the ‘homework’…it’s interesting to me that I feel the need to start moving rather than exercising, I intuitively feel I’m not moving enough!

So, thank you, see you next Monday!

David Tanner after his first Pilates with a Twist class

I was recommended Pilates by my doctor to strengthen my back. I can still remember after my taster class walking home feeling 2 inches taller. I enjoy your narrative during the class and the feeling that I am using my body in ways I don’t usually experience.

I know I am stronger because I can tell the difference in myself after an 8 hour shift at the shop. I have little or no stiffness in my lower back and I’ve noticed I’m more supple than some of my younger colleagues.

Mandy King

I like the fact that everyone pays in blocks so you get to know people and it means everyone continuously improves. I like that there are new moves every week. You are a good teacher and the people who come to the class are a really nice mix of people.

Vicky Shapton

Thank you for making the classes interesting and fun. The hour goes so quickly!

Cyra Buxton

You do a great job, and I wish my body would respond better and more rapidly to your classes. But have to reluctantly accept that after cancer/multiple myeloma, heavy chemo, a stem cell transplant, weakened bones, and a major left leg trauma a few years ago, I will never be your star pupil. But, and even at 70, I still do not accept or understand the words impossible and cannot, so am up for any challenge!!!

Robin Hamilton (again)

Before I discovered Pilates with a Twist I had little interest in exercising since my school days when I was always last at the races and couldn’t catch a ball for toffee. I enjoy the weekly Pilates sessions where exercises flow easily; we have a giggle and I leave feeling very relaxed. I can bend and stretch more easily, am not crippled by a good session in the garden and feel more energized and active.

Kay Marples

I had been doing a lot of sitting last week due to typing an assignment so my hips felt like they were in concrete. But your session got them mobile again and the following day a little boy had an asthma attack at the very bottom of the school field. I ran like the wind back to the school to get his inhaler and then returned. I certainly would never have been able to do this so easily without that session the night before.

A couple of years before I had taken part in the Mum’s race on sports day, it was half the distance and it took me two weeks to recover!

Lindsey Hardy

I went swimming last week and for the first time in 18 months since a stroke, managed to swim in a straight line. This is due to your excellent exercises and support.

Ian Chamberlain

I couldn’t leave Derby without letting you know how much I’ve enjoyed your classes. Your creativity, passion and integrity shine through. You make exploring movement fun, as it should be. Keep up the brilliant work.

Melinda Kane, Allestree and now New York State

I need low impact exercise due to back, shoulder and ankle problems. I also am overweight and other than walking do not do any other kind of exercise.

I get a sense of achieving sometimes the impossible for me at the classes. I can move in ways I have never been able to before and some exercises are easily achievable at home.

I really enjoy these classes as there is a sense of “all of us together”, we are not made to feel inadequate if we cannot complete the exercise. We are always told “if it hurts don’t do it”.

Linda Shelton

I find I have more movement in my body and the moves are easier than before, as I was quite stiff. After the classes I feel relaxed and have a good nights sleep. Meeting friends at the classes is fun and we have a lot of laughter. The classes are fun and informative.

Anne Mitchell

Not only does Becky make the classes great fun, she is really inspirational. At the end of a class you feel energised even if you’ve dropped off to sleep during any relaxation exercises! You also feel that you want to keep up the practice at home which has got to be a big plus in keeping the body flexible and moving generally.

I have had on-going back problems for some years and a particularly troublesome time just over a year ago. Whilst I’m not fully sorted many of the movements and exercises that Becky has taught me have definitely helped me to think about how I move, improved my posture and kept me almost pain free.

Margaret Smith

I have loved the classes from the first one that I attended. Your philosophy on exercise makes sense to me and the variety of the exercises never allows the classes to be boring or predictable. I can achieve more movement in all the exercises than I could when I began.

Maureen Pearson

Just a quick email to say how much I’m enjoying your classes, and that I feel that already they’re helping. So grateful to have found you!

I find it really interesting when you talk about the body and the brain, and how moving the body differently wakes the brain up.

Jane Hubbard

I like that I have my bounce back and I can reach higher and stretch more. Also the class gives me friendship – it has a warm and fun atmosphere and we always have a giggle.

Judy O’Dell

Your sessions are great. Really helping to increase my mobility and help with my mental state. Today not a good work day and almost didn’t come but I feel revitalised after the session and de-stressed. Great to laugh in the sessions. Thanks

Debbie Hendriksen

I have done Pilates elsewhere before so I am continuing the improvement in my back strength but whereas before the class got a little boring, “ With a Twist” is so much more enjoyable and the time flies by. Nobody should feel unsafe because there is no pressure to perform and if your body says NO you don’t have to do it.

John Bishop

Thank you for your message and also for accepting me into your class, I gained a real sense of achievement as I’d thought I was doomed to fail. I was a little sore yesterday but not nearly as bad as I thought I would be, today I am not so good but that is the nature of the illness. As you know I have weakness in my left leg, but I was amazed to find that this extends to my left arm as well, so this is something that I must work on with your help. I am looking forward to next week already.

Shirley Pitman after her first Pilates with a Twist class

The biggest problems I have being painful knees, back pain and high levels of stress which was having a knock on effect causing stiffness in the whole of my body.

Following my classes with Becky I am physically far more supple and my joints are not as painful. Mentally I am also much stronger. I feel more healthy, my confidence is increasing, and stress levels are being reduced. I am enjoying learning a new skill and my determination to succeed at something has returned.

Karen Parker

We moved to South Wales last October. Remarkably what I miss most about not living where I used to is Becky. We attended Becky’s inspirational classes for less than a year but they changed our lives. We still miss them & have not been able to find here anything that comes remotely close to her brilliance. Much love Becky & Croeso Cymru!

Paul & Janet Fisk

Since I have been attending Becky’s classes I have noticed a complete change in my body’s mobility – previously I was stiff when I woke up in the morning, after sitting and after driving. Now my legs and hips feel looser, I don’t ache and walking is much easier.

Vicky Tough

I have seen an improvement in my flexibility since attending the classes. I have noticed that I don’t get so many migraines and when I do get one they are not so intense and don’t last as long. I enjoy the relaxing friendly classes and feel I have a bit of ‘me’ time. I can go in feeling stressed and leave a calmer person!!!

Barbara Elrick

Becky changes the exercise routine each week, so that different areas of the body are targeted. This creates a more fresh feeling in our approach to exercising. I have benefited by keeping flexible (my back in particular) and thus free from pain in an ageing body which spends many hours gardening.

(Lady) Susan Every

As I’ve got older, I experience a lot of muscle and joint pain, especially in my neck and shoulders and in my hips. Having done hill walking all my adult life I decided to try ‘Pilates with a Twist’ to try and get a little more flexible and try to stretch underused parts of my body.

I find the classes really demanding but enjoyable. They are nothing like previous Pilates classes that I have attended. Immediately after the class I feel much better in mind and body than before class, I then get a few aches and pains in the evening and then feel much MUCH better in every way the day after.

The sessions are professional, demanding, but fun.

Lesley Radburn

The classes keep me more flexible and are a good stress reliever for my busy life juggling family and other responsibilities.

Fiona Cannon