Success Stories

Quotes about Becky

When considering classes appropriate for a patient, I have no hesitation in suggesting your classes to those that need to gain confidence in regaining movement regardless of their current level of fitness. I think your approach is very accessible to those who have not undertaken formal classes in the past and, as a clinician, I like that your exercises are all functional and are not all floor-based. I can assure patients that their individual situation will be taken into account and accommodated in the class and that their experience will be fun while professional, innovative and caring.

We get some patients that have been attending your classes regularly and then come to us with a problem that needs extra attention and diagnosis. These patients clearly thoroughly enjoy their class and have a great repertoire of exercises to refer to. They understand the point of each exercise, can carry it out competently as appropriate for their own body, and are aware of how far they can push themselves through listening to the feedback from their body.

Lorna Short

I feel part of a team and that is because Becky includes everybody – there is no sense of favouritism and we all have a laugh.

Linda Shelton

Your creativity, passion and integrity shine through. You make exploring movement fun.

Melinda Kane

We moved to South Wales last October. Remarkably, what I miss most about living where I used to is Becky! We attended Becky’s inspirational classes for less than a year but they changed our lives.

Paul & Janet Fisk

Becky is always enthusiastic, encouraging and very perceptive. Her attention to detail and observational skills ensure we get the most benefit from the exercises we undertake. Becky is totally dependable. Above all she makes our classes fun and we all regard her as a friend.

Susan Every

I refer my patients to Becky once I have treated their pain with osteopathy, massage and exercises. Although I have helped make changes to underlying postal issues I have every confidence that Becky is an excellent practitioner to help make long-lasting changes which will help prevent the reoccurrence of pain.

Often the smallest of changes and simplest of movements help prevent strain and help the body move more freely and easily and Becky’s individual approach and attention to detail make this an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Paula Collier-Ward

Registered Osteopath, About Backs & Bones

I have been truly stunned as within my first one hour class Becky managed to not only give me enough confidence to attempt the exercises but also never at any point made me feel an idiot.

Karen Parker

Becky really makes the classes fun and informative.

Anne Mitchell

I think you have a real gift for connection and are able to not only connect with your clients but also help them reconnect with themselves.

Johanna Haque

You are so positive and you never make me feel a failure (I’ve always felt stupid doing any kind of exercise other than going for a walk). Your imaginative approach really works for me – it keeps me interested and it also frees my mind.

What you offer is unique. You accept all our different bodies and minds and it encourages me to be more accepting of both myself and others.

Sarah Denny

Becky’s enthusiasm for what she is doing shines through all the laughter whilst she supervises everyone to ensure they are doing the exercises correctly and safely to reap the maximum benefit.

Rob Jeffery