Interesting Facts About Becky

Some interesting facts about me and my journey:

  • I have an art degree
  • I worked as a graphic designer in London for 6 years
  • I had an eating disorder and a poor relationship with my body in my teens and early 20s
  • I have lived and taught Pilates and exercise in France
  • I have ‘started all over again’ several times in my life
  • I love what I do and am passionate about enabling people to feel more at home in their bodies
  • I am a keen mountain biker and enjoy fast, swoopy trails in the woods
  • I enjoy being barefoot in nature and climbing trees
  • I love to learn and grow
  • My core values are growth, authenticity and compassion
  • My Strengths Finder test results – Empathy, Learner, Relator, Intellection, Adaptability

Although I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2001 and a Pilates Instructor in 2003, what I now teach is a mix of the many different courses and workshops I have attended since then.

These include:

  • Freeing the Hips and Spine Alignment workshops with Kindy Kaur
  • Various Living Love courses with Jewels Wingfield
  • 3 years with Life Coach Tim Polkinghorne
  • Various BodyTalk courses, including Mindscape, with different teachers
  • AiM (Anatomy in Motion) with Gary Ward
  • Various workshops with Liz Bussey
  • Rolfing Workshop and the 10 Series of sessions with Vivien Skelton
  • Somatics Training with Brian Siddhartha Ingle
  • Gray Institute Endorsed courses with Thirst4Function
  • Feldenkrais workshops with Gunther Bisges and also Joan Winter
  • Health, Performance & The Human Predicament with Frank Forencich
  • Living Brave with Brene Brown