Talks & Workshops

My workshops are designed to be stand-alone events which can also form part of a series. Each one tends to be slightly different due to the different attendees and the learning, reading or research that I have been doing. The aim is for attendees to leave feeling better than when they arrived and with knowledge, understanding and tools to help them look after their bodies in the future.

Some examples of topics are:

Feet, Legs, Pelvis & Lower Spine – helping to build improved function, strength and mobilty in these areas and therefore helping to reduce the likelihood of foot, knee, hip or lower back pain as well as improving balance and ease of walking and standing.

Wrists, Shoulders, Ribs & Upper Spine – helping to improve function, strength and mobility in these areas and therefore helping to reduce the likelihood of shoulder, neck or wrist issues as well as poor posture and breathing problems.

Integration – bringing the lower and upper body to work together with better function, strength and mobility, along with an element of play and connection with others whilst retaining one’s own centre.
Down Time – a lovely relaxing workshop of gentle moves top release stress and tension and encourage self-care, followed by relaxation time.

Breath and Voice – a workshop aimed at learning how to improve posture and breathing in order to “find one’s voice” for singing, public speaking or simply in order to feel more heard. Co-run with singing coach David Tanner

How To Incorporate More Fitness Into Your Daily Life – ways to increase the body’s resilience, fitness, mobility and strength, as well as reducing the likelihood of injury, using household tasks and items.

The workshops can be used as back-up and re-enforcement for clients who attend one-to-one sessions as well as clients who attend classes. They are also open to non-clients and previous clients. They are sociable, educational, informative, friendly, fun and inclusive.

Most workshops last 2-2.5 hours and are based in Ashbourne, however, I can and will travel to other locations in the UK to run tailor-made workshops which may be longer, depending on requirements.
Talks can be arranged on a variety of subjects such as Feet and Footwear Choice, Introducing More Movement into Daily Life, Staying Mobile As We Age and The Difference Between Exercise & Movement. Talks are less physical than the workshops but still involve some movement and remain interactive and fun.

Please contact me to find out more.

Contact me to find out more

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