What Is AiM?

In a one-to-one session, I assess the body’s ability to do some ‘basic’ functional movements. I’m particularly interested in what’s going on at the hips/pelvis and the feet. These are often areas that have limitations that can cause trouble in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders.
Then I look at how to get these areas moving more optimally using exercises that will mobilise the relevant joints and wake-up the relevant muscles.

One of the key differences between this technique and many others is the way that we use the AiM gait model to tell us what the body is missing out on and requires, movement-wise. With each step that we take, every day, there are many different things that need to happen from the foot up to the head, even on a tiny scale. Injury, pain, illness, clothing choices and posture are the kind of things that can start to disrupt healthy gait patterns.

In a healthy gait pattern, all areas of the body share-out the effort and experience movement in 3 dimensions. In a less healthy gait pattern, some areas will be overworking whereas others will not be ‘pulling their weight’. The ‘over-workers’ are likely to be the ones ‘complaining’ but they are unlikely to be the cause of the problem.

With AiM I weed out the areas of the body that are not pulling their weight, or those that are not experiencing life in 3 dimensions, for whatever reason. Once we get them back on board, the body is able to work more as a whole and will look and feel more coherent as well as moving with less pain and more ease and grace.

The AiM method is highly adaptable and can be very gentle (yet firm). It is always highly respectful of the individual body’s capabilities.

I felt a deep but really good fatigue in my upper legs, glutes and a bit in the lower back. Yet more mobile in my calves, soleus and feet. Really cool! Walking felt different in a good way last night. I really enjoyed the session and found it really interesting too. It broke a lot of fitness “rules” and turned them in to fallacies very quickly! Brilliant. Thanks again. It was a truly liberating experience.
Luke Thompson after his first AiM session

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you Becky for everything I feel so positive with what I can achieve with your help and guidance and I promise to do all my homework.
Shaun Tomkins after his first AiM session

AiM one-to-one sessions

Various times are available during the week

During the Covid-19 lock-down I ran online one-to-one AiM sessions on Zoom and these proved to be so successful that I am continuing to offer online sessions as well as live sessions.

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Or email me on: movewiththought@gmail.com or call 07970 022101