What Is Circuit Training With A Twist?

With Circuit Training with a Twist I am creating a space for getting fitter, stronger, more co-ordinated, with better balance and body mastery whilst not really realising you’re working all that hard. It’s also a great way to shrug off stress.

This is a small group class that is aimed at increasing your strength and fitness whilst allowing you an hour to play and try new physical challenges in a friendly and safe environment. It is meant to be hard work but also fun. It is ego-free too!

There are exercise stations (that’s what makes it Circuit Training) laid out around the room which are designed to challenge your body in different ways. You move from one to another after only a very short time. Each person is doing a different move in any given moment.

There are lots of fun ‘toys’ such as a Battling Rope (a giant rope that you have to manhandle and ‘ripple’), a Suspension Trainer (straps that attach above a door, with handles, that you can pull or push against), a Scooter (great fun and great for the legs and balance), Swiss Balls (giant inflatable balls to balance and roll on), Cushions (to throw at each other – great for upper body strength), a weighted Hula-Hoop (most people struggle to start with and then manage this after a few sessions – THEN I add new challenges!), to name but a few.

I can tailor most moves to most levels of ability so that the fit can find a challenge but also those who thought they were rubbish at sport can really make progress and enjoy the classes too – it’s playing and getting fit at the same time.

I know I move better and feel better after our Circuits classes. They are fun, never the same and I definitely feel sluggish if I haven’t been for a week or two. Also it keeps my weight at bay.
Sara Morgan

Your Circuits classes are wonderfully adaptable. Unlike any other circuit class I’ve been to, individuals of very different fitness can work effectively at a level each feels comfortable with. The flexibility and stretching aspects of the exercises are also unusual in the field, and improved my core strength and stamina very effectively.
Hereward Tresidder

Circuit Training with a Twist Timetable

Circuit training with a Twist Classes are now run as pop-up Saturday morning classes in various locations – please contact me to find out more

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