What Is Pilates With A Twist?

If every letter of the alphabet was a movement, children use the whole alphabet whereas adults only use the vowels!
My aim is to increase the variety of movements available to you again so that your body feels more responsive and happy

With Pilates with a Twist I am trying to give you tools and awareness that you can take out and use in your daily life. This way, your day-to-day movement patterns may change in a way that enables you to feel fit, strong, mobile, stable and supple for years to come.

Awareness is a key element of the classes – where are you moving from, which bits of you are moving and which aren’t? With this knowledge you are less likely to get injured as a result of poor movement patterns.

Respect is also an important part of what I teach here – respect for your body and what it does or doesn’t feel capable of doing in any particular moment. Each person comes to realise that they are no more ‘broken’ than anyone else – there will be moves that they can accomplish with ease whilst others struggle, and vice versa.

I talk about body mastery rather than control. Many of the moves combine balance, co-ordination, mobility, stability and strength and some also have a slight cardio-vascular element (getting your heart and lungs working a tiny bit harder).

These are weekly small group sessions aimed at getting you moving more and moving better.

Since I have been attending Becky’s classes I have noticed a complete change in my body’s mobility – previously I was stiff when I woke up in the morning, after sitting and after driving. Now my legs and hips feel looser, I don’t ache and walking is much easier.
Vicky Tough
Things like changing a DVD, sorting coal for the fire, even standing in line at the supermarket, or more recently at the back of a club watching a gig, are now opportunities to practice a beneficial move or two. My wife and others have commented in the change in my posture but most importantly I’ve noticed the change. I walk taller, straighter and more open mostly because I now know how to, and the more I do it the better things become.
Mike Armitage
Pilates With a Twist Class Timetable

2.00pm Online
5.15pm Belper, Derbyshire
6.30pm Belper, Derbyshire

10.00am Online
4.00pm Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
5.15pm Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
6.30pm Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

4.15pm Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
5.30pm Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
6.45pm Clifton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

10.00am Hilton, Derbyshire
4.15pm Ashbourne, Derbyshire
6.15pm Online

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