Success Stories

AiM one-to-one Work

I am now able to stand or walk all day without crippling pains in my feet. AiM Gait Therapy is one of the worlds best kept secrets that everybody needs!

Thanks for everything Becky!

Rew Griffiths-Brown

Becky is a great listener and observer of the body, she is open-minded and clearly loves a challenge! Her methods are very flexible and she is able to react immediately to whatever comes up during a session. I’m delighted with the results so far. After just one session I began to see a significant improvement in the arch in my foot. Importantly, I am beginning to understand what types of movements can quickly reduce any pain or limitations that I am feeling.

Sue Jerham

Looking back, I realise the work we did with my gait was an important turning point.
It released a constant sensation and discomfort down my right leg and allowed me to move on in my yoga.
I think it is important to emphasise taking responsibility for our own health and well-being and the work each of us needs to do as we grow, with help from those with skills, knowledge and experience.

Barbara Goodall

After the second session I noticed my balance was a lot better. I noticed after a few sessions that I now walk with my chin/head up which had an effect on my whole body.

The whole experience has had quite an impact on my general well-being and fitness, and has given me a more positive attitude towards myself.

Jill Hanson

I think the most surprising thing was how simple the exercises are and how quickly they have helped and how easy they are to incorporate into my day. I would put down to Becky’s skill at analysing bodies and her extensive knowledge of how a body links together and then determining which specific moves will best help.

Jacqui Luker

I felt a deep but really good fatigue in my upper legs, glutes and a bit in the lower back. Yet more mobile in my calves, soleus and feet. Really cool! Walking felt different in a good way last night. I really enjoyed the session and found it really interesting too. It broke a lot of fitness “rules” and turned them in to fallacies very quickly! Brilliant.

Thanks again. It was a truly liberating experience.

Luke Thompson after his first AiM session

I’ve had lower back pain on and off since having children. This past year I’ve had more constant pain, not particularly brought on by any obvious movement. I’ve got to the stage of lots of pain killers just to get through the day and so thought I’d give Becky and AiM a go.

1st session and Becky asked lots of questions, got me to stand and walk and move toes around. Then with the use of some foam wedges and movement my foot muscles were “woken up” and when asked what I was feeling all I could say was “it feels weird”. This was aching in muscles I didn’t know existed in my foot and leg that felt completely different to the back pain I was experiencing. I felt like I’d done a lower body workout, all without getting out of breath. I was given 3 exercises for homework and sent some videos to help remember what to do. I slept well that night.

I came back 2 weeks later, having struggled with some of the exercises due to my knee not liking it (I’ve had a knee issue since a teenager), but also having reduced back pain. Becky reviewed what I’d done and did some more wedge work before modifying the exercises slightly to suit my knee and amazingly it stopped hurting. Even during the session, I could feel progress with the back pain, having reduced intensity.

A day on from the 2nd session and I really feel I’ve made progress, back pain is less intense and over a smaller area. I’m able to progress further with the exercises and my knee isn’t grumbling so much. I’m looking forward to further progress as I continue with the exercises.

Debbie Hendriksen

I have had a number of AiM sessions to sort my lower back issues out. Having taken years to get in this mess retraining my body has not been easy or quick (my stubbornness not Becky’s techniques). Becky doesn’t just look at the physical problem but also the whole person. I’ve appreciated being able to chat through issues and realised that I need to listen to my body and look after it rather than just expect it to cope with everything I throw at it. Exercises that appear simple can result in aches as muscles are “woken up”. My posture has now improved, my back pain gone (and when I get grumbling pains I know how to stop them progressing) and I am more in tune with my body. My body is now able to attend Becky’s “Pilates with a Twist” classes which are continuing the good work and are so much fun. Thanks Becky for your holistic approach and making it so enjoyable.

Debbie Hendriksen (post AiM work)

Since my 1 to 1 sessions with Becky I have been conscientious in practicing the special exercises that Becky has suggested and find that my toes move more easily and my bunions seem to be reducing. I can stand more erect and use my leg muscles more fully. My blood pressure is down and I have lost 2 stone in weight with a much healthier attitude towards physical activities. She has also made me aware of the importance of some quiet downtime in my life.

Kay Marples

Thank you so much for my session yesterday and for taking the time to send my homework. I must say I have been half of the day cursing you as I can hardly move around (!) but the rest of the day elated as when I rode my horses I could feel a really serious change, a powerful shift in my abilities. Can’t wait for the next session!

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

From the first AiM session with Becky, I started to notice a positive difference and this continued over the next five sessions. I’m happy to say that I am now almost back to running normally again, which a few months ago, seemed an impossibility. Thanks for your help Becky, you’ve managed to help me get back to doing something that I really love…. RUNNING!

Paul Markham

My posture as a whole feels straighter while the body feels nicely relaxed at the same time, I’m not having to force my posture straight as much it feels much more natural.

It definitely feels like progress is being made and I literally cannot wait for our next session!

John Parkinson

Just an email to say how pleased I was with our session on Monday – your analysis made real sense – I have walked my dog today without any leg pain, and feel as if I am walking ‘normally’.

Martyn Palmer

I consulted Becky for help with severe pain in my left leg from buttock to calf muscles. Her advice was both helpful and effective and the problem and the pain have both gone away after just 2 sessions, to my great relief. She clearly knows what she is doing and I was impressed by her professional and supportive approach.

Steve Gwenlan

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you Becky for everything I feel so positive with what I can achieve with your help and guidance and I promise to do all my homework.

Shaun Tomkins after his first AiM session

Appreciate your speedy & rich email of information. After our session I felt pretty happy. Some aches, yes, although nothing dramatic. Interestingly, I have been walking more softly for the past couple of days. Amazing what can be achieved in a single session with the right targeted movement.

James Hulme

I did find last week that I felt bloody great after doing the homework exercises – so much so that when I went out for a walk in the evening, I actually felt much more fluid which was lovely!

Sue Purdham

Just to let you know that the exercises are relieving the discomfort and the groin pain has gone, if I feel it twinge a couple of the movements you gave me sort it out.

Louise Raybould

Hi Becky, thank you so much for the detailed guidance. As always your approach and support is very much appreciated. My leg is feeling different this morning, something has shifted (in my head too).

Karen Foster