What are my Talks & Workshops about?

I am available to do talks of 1-2 hours for groups of adults on a range of subjects relating to healthy movement and looking after the body.

A talk will involve some movement and interaction in order to actually feel what I’m talking about.

I also run Workshops of 1h30 to 2h30, usually in a village or community hall. I often put these on myself, every 2-3 months, or I can be booked to run one for a group, anywhere in the country. The workshops are much more interactive and physical than the talks, although there is often still an element of explaining and teaching involved.

Topics for Talks or Workshops could include:

  • Gait, Walking or Running and Footwear
  • Changing Your Relationship With Your Body
  • How To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Daily Life
  • How to Use Your Body Optimally When Gardening
  • How to Get More From Your Body (with fewer injuries) In Your Sport
  • How To Remain Supple, Strong and Mobile, Whatever Your Age
  • Things You Can Do To Help Yourself When Out Walking

Examples of groups that might benefit from these talks or workshops are:

  • Walking Groups
  • Running Clubs
  • Sports Teams
  • Gardening Groups
  • WI Groups

I know I move better and feel better after our Circuits classes. They are fun, never the same and I definitely feel sluggish if I haven’t been for a week or two. Also it keeps my weight at bay.
Sara Morgan

Your Circuits classes are wonderfully adaptable. Unlike any other circuit class I’ve been to, individuals of very different fitness can work effectively at a level each feels comfortable with. The flexibility and stretching aspects of the exercises are also unusual in the field, and improved my core strength and stamina very effectively.
Hereward Tresidder

Circuit Training with a Twist Timetable

6.15pm Ellastone Parish Hall

For more information on our "Circuit Training With A Twist" classes, please use the contact form below.

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