Thank-you for a great workshop – it was just what I needed. I had no idea how tense I was!

Rachel Dixon

Thank you again for the workshop this morning. My whole body feels so much more mobile and my back now hardly feels stiff at all.

Wendy Sevier

Many thanks for the excellent workshop I attended yesterday at Tutbury, I am very glad Mum asked if I would like to go. I couldn’t believe 2 hours went so quickly and you certainly woke up parts of my body that were ‘snoozing’. I think that understanding how your body and muscles work is important and interesting. You try to impart as much info as you can in your workshops. It was nice to meet you and I will certainly be attending future ones.

Sue Darwin

Firstly, what did you find most useful? – Realising I am squatting badly and that my ankles are stiff and left foot is not as mobile as my right.

What was your favourite bit? Remembering not to take my good health for granted and that if I want to really live life I need to look after myself better. Liked your skeletal models to help visualise what is happening inside. Best bits are the moments of self discovery so that’s why talking about something and then trying if for ourselves really re-enforces the learning. Thank you for an excellent session.

Bregje Fisk

I really enjoyed feeling my body in a different way. I find this fascinating. I had a good time and I felt more relaxed after.

Annette Wessmann

Thanks for the session, it worked for me on several levels. It was great to have a couple of hours with like minded people and an excellent teacher.

I needed the reminder about thinking about how different parts and sides of the body feel before and after. So much better after – I have not felt so relaxed in ages.

Daryl Dawson

I really enjoyed the workshop and feel that I have much more awareness of my body now. I slept better last night and have felt great today – I even managed a walk this afternoon.

Maureen Pearson